Touch God Moment to Moment

“Touch God Moment to Moment”

What indirection in books and in mirage

Or in inner side and illusion and dream

We have searched God in heavens

But she in our homes

In children’s babe smiles

In Girl’s lover eyes

In Mother’s indescribable love

And a father’s dignity in ultimately required

Every day has been and has called

Have you feel the poetic elegance of a woman

The strong man that is a reminder for mountain

Children’s night tales are an evolution

In calycles, what clear, his light is watchable

Cool breezes that glide on your cheek

The warmth of the sun that caress your face

God’s smell and taste in apples and oranges

What green and verdure is in the grass

Humbly embrace of the mountain to skyscrapers

Dignity and deep of the sea is what high-pure

Renewed every moment and going in the river’s flow

Always fiery sun, light of love

Haven’t heard the beautiful singings of birds?

Purity and profundity and humility of sky

Synovial and limpidity of springs waters

In the soft and cool light of moon, has been indulging in?

A lovelorn hearth

It is a blazing fire for sweetheart love

Search God on the earth now

In the lovely pure and lean of homes

In the troth and amour of heartfelt friends

In the grace and dignity and great spirit of earth

In the womb of nature and our sun solar system

Let’s look at the marriage of earth and sun

Lovely full of love companion couples

So let’s in smelling the flowers

The taste of a pear and strawberry

Or breathe in the breeze

Or the waves of the sea and river

Or the wave of love and dream

Touch God moment to moment

“Seyed Morteza Moossavi (Mehraz)”

سبد خرید
پیمایش به بالا