The Days full of Love

“The Days Full of Love”

This is my strange feeling these days

The days full of love

In this desperation that everlasting sleep is wish

I don’t know what it is, but effect to effect, visage to visage

It has brought me to the watch and joy and fly

And in other side to the endless misery

And I’m just observer and trudger

My existence beats are continuously beats between death and life

From distances that this side and other side is love

But there is no opportunity and power to be close

Near or far, nowadays I am in distance prison

My eyes see my love and my ears hear her voice

But the gap is not filled

A voice says: You have to be wait

Perhaps love is unify of two souls in forced separation of two bodies for ever

Perhaps love is unify of souls in forced separation of bodies for ever

And how taught that the gap gets the chance of expression even

And you, tongues on the palate, look to look, on the highest fly

The hapless and helpless

And it seems that the only reason of this fly is breaking the frames

That, first you should learn how to take the gap

There is a love way between hearts

But if you cannot say, tears will be words

To break yourself

To genuflect

To move up your head to the sky

To kiss on soil


The Universe Mother, please embrace me

I’ve broken too by love

I’ve ruptured too by love

I’ve flourished too by love

I put my head on your lappet

Distance in love is self-same to beautiful empty space in songs

It’s same as space in architecture

As the tangible boundary between the colours in the painting

The space that brings you a sense of being and not being

A suspension feel that cause you to move

To deconstruct your existence structure

And again create a new design

This means burning and creating

Creation from the deep of burning

Phoenix-like, flying from the ashes

But how hard and deadly waiting

And I’ll be looking forward to consummate

So should grow and flap

Till flying day

And but,

Whatever love wills

“Seyed Morteza Moossavi (Mehraz)”

سبد خرید
پیمایش به بالا