Starchild’s Journey Book

I want to take a moment to thank you for reading this story. It was a very special message that came to me in a dream. The details were not as clear as they are in this story, but the feeling was very clear. There was that feeling we all have a bright and beautiful light inside of us and that we can see that light in others, if we look for it. I honor to the Starchild inside of you.

Blessings, Irene Schulman, Author

Thank you for reading our book and looking at my illustrations. At first I was really nervous, because illustrating a book was a new experience for me. But when I put my heart into doing this with Irene, every drawing came to my mind clearly. I’m happy that I tried a new thing in my life, and succeeded. I’m really glad that my first job is illustrating a book for children. This story has a lot of meaning and it’s not just for children. This project helped me realize that I am capable of illustrating a story with a deep meaning.I hope that you enjoy it.
Mahnoush Sadat Moossavi

سبد خرید
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