Blow in my Fire

“Blow in My Fire”

I seek by heart

Perhaps, the breeze of love

Caress my soul


All my existence is

In endless darkness

swamp in swamp

I hear silence of death

But a raining sonance is heard too

So beautiful explosion

It cause me to scour

Same as beautiful songs of birds

Same as wind jojoba

Same as rustle of leaves

Same as water’s hi to rock

Same as playing of sea with beach

And how patient should be

We are captive in the time

The time creates gap

Or perhaps gap creates the time


Death silence or love explosion

Both are in this gap

But in love relevance

When you are look to look

When you hear beloved

There is neither explosion nor silence

There is an ambiguous condition

Perhaps in a moment all are drowned

All are stoned

And you are with beloved

In an everlasting moment

This unique magic

The starting moment is

That, continuously creation is creating of that

It is the permanent low of creation

And how barely is that

You know all are stoned and a moment later

All are decrier

But hi Love!

Peace Lord of Love!

The most egregious of the world you are

You are continuously butler of love feast

You are sluicy everlasting love

My chalice is thirsty

Drink me wine, I am tired

Don’t leave me, inspire, insoul love explosion

In my tired body, in my haze heart

In my captive soul

Teach me flying

I am fire bird, love bird

My existence is fire

Blow in my fire

To rise up again from my ash

To get drunk

To get survived slaphappy

To get existent

In Love

“Seyed Morteza Moossavi (Mehraz)”

سبد خرید
پیمایش به بالا